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Essay about True Intelligence - 712 Words

True Intelligence In spite of the fact that intelligence quotient tests have been around for decades, many professionals are attempting to determine the factors and causes behind aptitude. Several options exist to explain or disprove the reasons why some attain above average intellect, while others manage varying degrees less. Some of these alternatives, along with arguments in the general and human intelligence topics, will be found inside the following pages of discussion. General intelligence is a real process, which involves several distinct elements and skills of reasoning. In the words of Goertzel Pennachin (2007) â€Å"General intelligence is the ability to achieve complex goals in complex environments† (p. 59). Examples of this†¦show more content†¦Instead, I believe that intelligence can assist in becoming wealthy, which is an entirely different affair. Also, I would like to specify that an intelligent person can be uneducated, while an uneducated person may be naturally intelligent. In my line of thinking, intelligence and education are two different matters. Rich people have the means to be educated, but the ability to be smarter must come from within the individual, not their money. To be brief, human intelligence should never be used as a viable excuse for the justification of inequality; however, I do believe that it should be studied further to potentially find causes or treatments for those with learning disabilities. My thoughts on this subject are assumingly in align with the populous idea that far too many social inadequacies already exist, without promoting additional reasons to perpetuate these atrocities any further. We, as an evolved society, should presumably know better and act upon this knowledge humanely. Summarily, general intelligence does exist. It is a collection of skills that allows individuals to efficiently accomplish difficult assignments in tough situations. Some people appear to have a natural ability to excel in these areas, while others less. In any case, alternative points of view have beenShow MoreRelatedThe True Meaning of Intelligence Essays948 Words   |  4 Pagesutters the word â€Å"intelligence,† people tend to think of a genius like Albert Einstein developing some obscure equation that the great majority of the population will never understand. The problem with the definition of intelligence is that people relate intelligence to words like â€Å"genius† which require intelligence but do not have the same definition as intelligence. Often, people try to use related words to define intelligence, but these words are unable to define intelligence since many are onlyRead MoreThe Tale Of True Grit1396 Words   |  6 PagesSet in the American front ier in the latter half of the eighteenth century, the tale of True Grit reads like the diary of a precocious, headstrong, and mature fourteen year old girl. Mattie Ross, the main character, recruits the callous, no nonsense U.S. Marshal Rooster, Cogburn to aid her in tracking down Tom Chaney, her father’s killer. Cocky, Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, needs Cogburn to guide him through Indian Territory because he too seeks justice, as well as a monetary reward, for capturing the sameRead MoreCharacter is Called to be a Hero in Charles Portis novel True Grit1691 Words   |  7 Pagescreates a goal she wants to achieve and she becomes the hero of this novel because of this. She will not have a goal if her call to adventure does not occur. A quest story always contains a hero, a wise old man, and a guide. In Charles Portis novel True Grit, he demonstrates exactly that. Mattie Ross comes forth as the hero of his novel. Rooster Cogburn assists her by taking on the role of the wise old man . LaBoeuf appears in this novel as the guide. Mattie, Rooster and LaBouef all fit into the rolesRead MoreThe Individual s Stage Of Cognitive Development999 Words   |  4 Pagesin concrete reality. 3. If the individual is a child, adolescent, or adult, test his or her factual and propositional reasoning. Factual reasoning is reasoning from premises or â€Å"rules† that are true in the real world. Propositional reasoning is reasoning from premises or â€Å"rules† that may not be true in the real world. Use the following two tests to measure factual and propositional reasoning. Factual reasoning Tell the individual, â€Å"I will give you a rule, and then ask you what will happen. Read MoreThe Theory Of Human Intelligence And Its Development Essay1140 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction According to the proposed theory of human intelligence and its development (Sternberg, 1999a), a common set of processes underlies all aspects of intelligence. These processes are hypothesized to be universal. These processes are applied to different kinds of tasks and situations depending on whether a given problem requires practical skills and creative skills. Practical skills used to implement, apply, or put into practice ideas in real-world contexts. It involves individuals applyingRead MoreInequality Between The Authoritarian Teacher And Students933 Words   |  4 Pages2.22 Inequality of Intelligence The hierarchical power relationship between the authoritarian teacher and students inherently stands in opposition to the equality of intelligence. Probing further in the direction of intelligence, authority is constructed on the ground of a certain form of inequality between who is intelligent and who is not (Tocqueville et al., 2000). This premise of inequality in intelligence is enacted throughout the educational process in traditional teaching. According to Rancià ¨reRead MoreBrainology Essay704 Words   |  3 Pagesunderstand it. That’s what people call â€Å"Fixed Mindset† There are two different kinds of mindsets that you can have one being fixed mindsets. A person with a fixed mindset believes that you have this much intelligence and that’s it. People with this mindset worry about how much of this fixed intelligence they have. Carol has found that students with this mindset often reject learning opportunities. I found myself doing this in the classes th at I didn’t understand. But in the long run it didn’t reallyRead MoreEvolution in Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keys Essay examples1115 Words   |  5 Pagescost and increase profit.(Keyes 59). This illustrates Charlies rapid advancement in intelligence. Charlie shows enormous improvement in his intelligence throughout the novel. This helps to mature him by increasing his understanding of the bigger truths in life. Near the end, Charlie’s mental condition deteriorates as he starts to go back to his mentally retarded self, but be he still keeps most of his intelligences, which contributes to make him a complete and wholesome person. Secondly, Charlie learnsRead MoreThe Blind Side, Based On A True Story And Directed By John Lee Handcock1451 Words   |  6 PagesHuman intelligence is like a garden. Defined as the mental potential to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations, intelligence is not only nature; it is also nurture. It is reported that 50% of our intelligence is determined by heredity and the other 50% is influenced by our environments. The nurture provided by our environments, for example home and school, plays a huge role in forming our intellectual skills. Consequently, and through no fault of theirRead MoreDon Quixote s The Modern World1426 Words   |  6 PagesIn Cervantes’ Don Quixote, the protagonist Don Quixote appears to be more of a reckless, insane individual rather than the gallant knight he claims to be. However a thin line exists between intelligence and insanity, in fact the gene that prompts intelligence also induces insanity in a human . Some of the greatest thinkers of our time were initially deemed crazy for their views, but their ingenious ideas still live on. Parallel to this thought, amidst the absurd nature of his quests, there is an

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Jocelyn Bennett. Mrs. Gallos. English 3 Honors. 6, April

Jocelyn Bennett Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 6, April 2017 What it Takes to Achieve the Perfect Body The world today makes it to where if a person is not accepted they go home, they cry, and they try to cope their pain with either food, harm, anger etc. They shut themselves away from the world because they believe that they are imperfect. However, they are not the imperfect ones, it is society. Society raises the rates of depression within victims of eating disorders. There are three main reasons for developing an eating disorder: social, genetics, and psychological. The society today brings many people to the belief that to obtain the perfect body they must put their bodies through unhealthy habits which can lead to the harm of themselves†¦show more content†¦Anorexia is more of the psychological eating disorder. This is said because they believe they are bigger than what they truly are, however they are not. In fact, the victims are mostly under or below weight according to the body mass index scale. (Anorexics). However, â€Å"Someone with anorexia may also have a distorted body image, shown by thinking she or he is fat† (Anorexia Nervosa). Viewing themselves as fat causes them to purge (forcibly vomit). Many of the victims are aware of the health effects caused by purging. However, victims of anorexia only consider what they believe is what is truly seen. These victims will do anything to make sure their issue of being â€Å"fat† is resolved. The terrible fact about this mentality is that the victim’s mind will not allow them to see anything other than â€Å"fat†. So, telling a victim repeatedly that they are not fat will not be an effective solution to their problem. Thus, making anorexia not only a physical disorder but a mental disorder as well. Additionally, many people would not even think that someone would participate in both practices, anorexia nervosa and binge-eating, however there are multiple people that do. The term for having a combination of both symptoms is bulimia nervosa. Unfortunately, â€Å"between 1.1% and 4.6% of females and 0.1% to 0.5% of males will develop bulimia† (Bulimia). This may not seem like a lot

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Speech On The Game Of Basketball - 1118 Words

Nick Schelbar Comm 2613 June 17, 2015 Informative Speech Outline Preparation I. General Purpose: To inform II. Specific Purpose: To inform the class on how to shoot a basketball. III. Central Idea: The game of basketball has greatly changed since it was invented, but one thing remains constant: You need to know how to shoot a basketball. Introduction I. Open with Impact: The game of basketball is a multimillion-dollar industry and is an easy sport to play. The sport has gained worldwide popularity because it can be played competitively or just for fun. II. Thesis: The original concept of the game is surprisingly similar to the concepts created decades ago. It is still a popular pastime today, but in order to play, you need to know how to shoot a basketball. III. Connecting to audience: I’m sure most of you have shot a basketball in your lifetime, but I’m sure few of you are aware of the basic mechanics to shooting a basketball. Today, I’ll show the basics of shooting. IV. Preview of Main Points: The sport of basketball has a rich tradition. First I will talk about the history of the game, then I will teach you how to shoot a basketball, and finally I will discuss the pros and cons about playing basketball V. Transition Statement: My first topic I am going to discuss is the history of the game of basketball. Body of Speech I. Main Point: The game of basketball was created as something for people to do in the winter with the time off between football season andShow MoreRelatedCareer : My Sports Career1094 Words   |  5 PagesMy sports career started before I was in kindergarten. My family and I were sitting at the dinner table. Excited, I asked my family if they could teach me how to play the game of football. Since they had agreed, I ate my food as quick as I could and put my shoes on to go outside. Then, the rest of my family came outside to our big front yard. I had not realized it at the time, but this was about to be the most important moment in my sports career. The teams were my oldest brother and me versus myRead MoreThe Basketball Type Game Of Basketball Essay1617 Words   |  7 Pageseverywhere in between the game of Basketball is played. It’s played in the city parks of New York and the dusty plains of Africa, and the expensive designed courts of the NBA. The game is played wherever someone can get a ball, and a mounted ring-like object. Unlike other sports that require multiple people and a lot of equipment, Basketball only requires a Ball and the willingness to play. Through this speech you will learn about the history of basketball, rules of basketball, and how to play the basicRead MoreEssay about The Firing of Bobby Knight1174 Words   |  5 PagesThe Firing of Bobby Knight Bobby Knight, longtime Indiana men’s head basketball coach, was recently fired. This firing sparked a controversy among basketball fans throughout the nation; did he deserve to be fired? I believe that Bobby Knight deserved to be fired. Although coach Knight is one of the best coaches in the nation and has earned the respect of countless numbers of fans including myself, I do not believe that a coach should be able to act the way he acted and get away with it. CoachRead MoreThe First Amendment Of The United States Constitution1090 Words   |  5 PagesIt’s a typical Friday night and you are with your friends at a basketball game. The opposing team takes a shot and misses†¦everything. What’s your obvious reaction? To yell, â€Å"AIR BALL! AIR BALL!† That is, unless you live in Wisconsin. Students are banned from making this chant, along with many others that the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association wrote, â€Å"are clearly intended to taunt or disrespect.† Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it my right to taunt the referees, players and coachesRead MoreThe One and The Only Jimmy Valvano Essay1015 Words   |  5 Pages3rd 1993. The ESPY Awards are sponsored by ESPN each year for those recognized for their achievement in sports. Almost 21 years ago, â€Å"Jimmy V† as he was known gave his speech because he was not told to; rather, he gave his speech because he was qualified to influence a revolution. Jimmy Valvano was a prestigious collegiate basketball coach at North Carolina State University. It was at North Carolina State, where he led his Cinderella team to a national championship in 1983. Just nine years later inRead MoreWhat It Takes To Be Number One1386 Words   |  6 Pagesstaff. One of Lombardi’s most famous speeches was â€Å"What It Takes to Be Number One.† This speech was first debuted in the Green Bay Packers locker room during half time. Not only did Lombardi u se this speech to motivate his players, but he also used it when he was asked to be guest speak at business conferences and political conventions. Vince Lombardi exercised many rhetorical devices while making this famous speech. His use of these devices is the reason why many have been touched by his words and motivatedRead MoreMy Experience In High School1294 Words   |  6 Pageshigh school career, so I tried my best to succeed not only inside the classroom, but also outside of the classroom, and I think I achieved my goal. One thing I tried really hard at was to improve my skills for freshman year basketball. I had always been decent at basketball all throughout my other years of school. For example, in elementary and middle school I was always the starting point guard for my grade, but high school would be harder to start because it is a combination of all the gradesRead More Fast Break Essay examples743 Words   |  3 Pages Fast Break nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The most exciting play in basketball is the fast break. This poem outlines every detail of the fast break and does a great job using the words to create a fantastic visual for the reader. The title of the poem, â€Å"Fast Break,† is actually what the whole poem is describing. The visual that is created is one of the reasons this poem is so appealing. My love for the game of basketball, more specifically at the collegiate level is another reason why this poem catchesRead MoreMovie Analysis : A Young Basketball Star 1439 Words   |  6 PagesLove and Basketball is a perfectly executed film that investigates a couples love for basketball and each other all through the quarters of their life, spreading over an adolescence competition to sharing to love. Indeed, even the individuals who dislike romantic comedies will like Love and Basketball for its captivating and exceptional storyline. The main aim of this paper is to investigate the different film ele ments utilized as a part of the movie. In the film, a young basketball star takingRead MoreAnalysis Of Hoop Dreams By Steve James987 Words   |  4 PagesDreams was a documentary made in 1994, directed by Steve James. The film follows two boys named Arthur and William from eight to twelfth grade as they chase their dream of becoming professional basketball players. They both go to Saint Joseph’s High School, the prestige suburban school famous for their basketball team. But when Arthur has to go to a regular public high school because of economic issues, the film becomes a documentation of both the boys, with the help of their families, battling the physical

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Community Service in Australia-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Community Service. Answer: Community service can be defined as a type of work done by an individual or a team of individuals for the well-being of other people. Community service can offer help and assistance to any person or group including the physically or mentally handicapped people, adolescents and retired people (Jenson Fraser, 2011). In addition to this, community service organizations also help the distressed animals and birds. In some cases, community service organizations also perform civic duties, such as renovating buildings of historic importance or cleaning up local recreation grounds and others. Though, the concept of Community service organizations originated in the west, at present, it can be found in most of the countries in the world (Vinson, 2009). This essay outlines the fact to elaborate on the conception of the community service organizations in Australia and the various factors related to the ethos, professional values, social justice, social barriers and theoretical approaches of the community service organizations in Australia. The community service sector in Australia does not have a proper historical set up like the French or the Canadian community service sector. This is because it had originated at the time of the beginning of the social revolutionary movements in the late nineteenth century. Later, community service sector in Australia evolved around the social rehabilitation of the people belonging to the Aboriginal community in Australia (Purdie, Dudgeon Walker, 2010). Community service sector in Australia encompasses a broad group of organizations. The types of community service organizations in Australia are: Community service organizations, that serves the people, residing in the local community. Examples are sporting organizations, cooperatives society and others. Community service organizations, which are funded financially, to carry out certain activities. Examples are the domestic violence organizations, childcare organizations and the drug rehabilitation organizations. Community service organizations that perform communal activities such as religious groups, labor unions and environmental watch groups. In Australia, there are both non-governmental community service organizations as well as governmental community service organizations. The governmental community service organizations are the community service organizations, which have been established by an act or the charter of the government. The government oversees and supervises the operations of the organization through their appointed people. These community service organizations are also financially funded by the government (Flatau, 2013). They provide services which such as providing accommodation and financial assistance and others. Examples are Aboriginal Hostels Limited and National Disability Insurance Scheme. The non-governmental organizations are the community service organizations that have been established by the initiative of an individual or a group of individuals with the goal of social welfare in mind. These community service organizations receive funding from the contributions of the public, business magnates, c orporate houses and others. They provide services such as rehabilitation, social protection and counseling. Examples are Homelessness NSW and Foster Parents Support Network. There are certain ethos and practices for workers in the Australian human service professions. They are providing good service and social justice to the clients. Clients are people who are in deep need of communal service assistance. The human service workers must respect the self-esteem and honor of the clients. The workers must understand and value the harmony of human kinship. The workers themselves must be person of respectful integrity and nature. The workers must be proficient enough to deliver competent work. The generic knowledge and skills required by most human service workers in Australia are empathy, emotional intelligence, good communication, setting boundaries between personal and professional sphere, mental strength and determination and last, but not the least, the art of tolerance (Lawrence, 2016). Empathy and emotional intelligence are required by a human service worker to understand the grievances of the clients in a profound manner. Good communication skills are r equired by a human service worker to understand the exact context of the problem and to provide assuring support verbally. A human service worker must know to separate the professional life from personal life and should not involve oneself too personally with the situation of the client. Mental strength and determination are required by a human service worker to effectively handle the case of a client without stressing oneself. In order to become a good human service worker, an individual must be tolerant of all racial, economical and social class, because human service workers are supposed to serve clients of all color, background and religion (Ife, 2008). Overall, human service workers must possess the required generic knowledge of listening to the client, empathizing with the client and then delivering situation-specific productive solutions and assistances. There are some instances where the specialist skill and knowledge of human service workers are needed. The sectors of menta l health, counseling, child welfare and substance abuse require the human service workers, working there, to have the specialist skills. There are certain professional values, which are essential in the community service and human service practice in Australia. They are accountability, rectitude, responsibility, continuous development, learning, and having the ability to work in teams (Dubois Mile, 2013).The human service and community service workers must hold the accountability and responsibility of any work performed by them. They must have the rectitude to think morally. They must always have the thirst for acquiring further knowledge and learning so that they could enhance their understanding of the work. Finally, the community and human service workers must have the ability to deliver exceptional performance by working harmoniously in teams because community service work is a team-based work. Social justice is the concept of having unbiased and equitable associations between the people and the social community. In the field of community service work, social justice is an important notion (Sue, Rushed Rushed, 2 015).Provision of social justice is the primary function and motive in a community service organization. The social worker must work to provide social justice to the battered and oppressed clients. Social barriers are unavoidable in the Australian community service sector. Both the clients and the community service workers face certain social barriers in their line of work. For example, people hold certain negative perceptions against mental illness. Community service workers face social opposition when they come to offer professional aid or a helping hand to a mentally ill person. Similarly, when a mentally ill person seeks professional community service treatment, he or she is vehemently dissuaded against doing so by the family members, friends or the society, at large (Swan et al., 2013). In addition to this, certain people in the society have the false understanding that community service work is not a constructive line of work. It is thought to be a waste of time and useless. I t offers nothing, but hollow affirmation. Above are some of the social barriers faced by the community service sector and the clients in Australia. These social barriers exist due to peoples ignorance, incomprehension and a lack of knowledge for the community service work. There are certain theoretical approaches that exist in professional community service work. They are:- Psychological theory- Psychological theory specifies on approaching the problem of a client by having the notion that clients are molded by and retaliate to their social set up. Psychodynamic theory- Psychodynamic theory specifies on reflecting the causes of the behavior of the clients. It makes the community service worker to emphasize on the inner world of psychology of the client. Transpersonal theory- Transpersonal theory deals on encouraging the client to overcome hardships and inculcate appreciative manners. Social cognitive theory- Social cognitive theory centers on the fact of the influence of the habitat in the clients temperament and thereby the accompanying positive changes adopted by the client. Systems theory- System theory states that the conduct of the client depends upon various factors, which resembles as a system. The factors may be school, peer groups, guardians and others. The aforementioned theoretical approaches to professional community work helps to make the work of the community service workers well ordered and effortless (Payne, 2015). In the conclusion, it can be said that the community service sector in Australia is ever evolving and dynamic. The government in Australia has further taken the initiative to make the community service sector accessible to all the communities in Australia. The sector of community service must be adopted by every country in the world for the social well-being and welfare of the residents of the country. Community service sector performs the crucial work of providing helpful assistance to the aggrieved people of a country. Doing this, the community service sector saves the life of millions and helps to prevent the occurrence of unfortunate incidents, such as suicides. Community service sector helps to increase the social mobility of a country, directly and the life standard of its people. indirectly. Community service sector helps to erase all sorts of discrimination, prevalent in a society and helps all the citizens in a country to lead a beautiful and content life. References DuBois, B. L., Miley, K. K. (2013).Social work: An empowering profession. Pearson Higher Ed. Flatau, P., Conroy, E., Spooner, C., Edwards, R., Eardley, T., Forbes, C. (2013). Lifetime and intergenerational experiences of homelessness in Australia. Ife, J. (2008).Human rights and social work: Towards rights-based practice. Cambridge University Press. Jenson, J. M., Fraser, M. W. (Eds.). (2011).Social policy for children and families: A risk and resilience perspective. Sage. Lawrence, R. J. (2016).Professional social work in Australia. ANU Press. Payne, M. (2015).Modern social work theory. Oxford University Press. Purdie, N., Dudgeon, P., Walker, R. (2010). Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice. Sue, D. W., Rasheed, M. N., Rasheed, J. M. (2015).Multicultural social work practice: A competency-based approach to diversity and social justice. John Wiley Sons. Swain, J., French, S., Barnes, C., Thomas, C. (Eds.). (2013).Disabling barriers-enabling environments. Sage. Vinson, T. (2009). Markedly socially disadvantaged localities in Australia: Their nature and possible remediation.Australian government publication accessed at https://www. socialinclusion. gov. au/resources/aust-govt-publications.

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Capital Punishment Proponents and Opponents Arguements

Table of Contents Introduction Proponents Opponents Discussion Conclusion Introduction Capital punishment is a judicial death punishment for people convicted of committing heinous crimes. The use of capital punishment all over the world varies from one country to another, although it is being removed gradually from the current constitutions of various countries because it is considered as an inhuman form of punishment. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Capital Punishment: Proponents and Opponents Arguements specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Capital punishment raises a lot of controversy world wide on whether to continue using it or not. If yes, what type of punishment and on what category of crimes? Proponents Proponents of capital punishment argue that, the only way to punish heinous criminals is by capital punishment because life imprisonment is not an effective way of punishing and warning potential criminal s against committing terrible crimes. Hence, capital punishment is not only a punishment to criminals but also a warning to prospective criminals from committing heinous crimes. Capital punishment supporters also argue that it is the cheapest way of eliminating horrific criminals from the society as compared to life imprisonment that needs tight security and much worry of possible escape of the criminal back into the society and repeat the same crimes. They also say that elimination of the criminals will stop them from haunting the families and friends of the victims. Proponents further argue that there are just and humane ways of executing capital punishment without torturing the criminal. Opponents The opponents of capital of capital punishment argue that it is not a just and humane way of punishing heinous criminals in the society because everybody has right to life. They also say that, since there is no standard definition of heinous crimes, there are high possibilities to exe cute innocent people or misuse execution in revenge to suite personal interests.Advertising Looking for essay on criminal law? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Another argument in opposition to capital punishment is the lack of a standard in judicial procedures worldwide in determining what constitutes heinous crimes and what form of capital punishment is acceptable. For instance, in the Middle Eastern countries, homosexuality and unfaithfulness of a woman to a spouse is considered as crimes punishable by stoning while in United States homosexuals and prostitutes have their rights protected. Discussion Capital punishment should be allowed in punishing heinous criminals so that they pay the price of their actions and further convey a strong warning to other potential criminals. However, several questions remain unanswered; what constitutes heinous crime? What strategies are used in convicting suspects? In addition, what is the form of capital punishment? The capital punishment simply implies death punishment, which means it is possible to arrest, convict, and execute innocent suspects for subjective reasons. There must be clear and standard definition of what constitutes heinous crimes or crimes that are punishable by death penalty. The judicial system must have structures of vetting innocent suspects and standard form of capital punishment applicable worldwide to avoid subjective and stereotype forms of punishment that are inhuman. Conclusion Capital punishment is the effective punishment to horrific criminals who are there to destroy our societies. Capital punishment does not only punish the criminal but also gives the right impression to fellow criminals or prospective criminal of the imminent punishment awaiting them. This warning will give them an opportunity to change their life styles while still free since they have no second chance to reform. Unlike life imprisonment where criminals finds the o pportunity of reforming but remain ruthless while still free.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Capital Punishment: Proponents and Opponents Arguements specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This essay on Capital Punishment: Proponents and Opponents Arguements was written and submitted by user Aydin Kramer to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Things to Know Before Visiting a Butterfly House

Things to Know Before Visiting a Butterfly House Youve probably seen live butterfly exhibits offered in your local zoos or nature museum. These exhibits offer visitors the chance to observe butterflies up close. Most butterfly houses populate their exhibits with butterflies from around the world, allowing you to see a variety of colorful species youd have to travel the globe to find in the wild. Bring a camera, because youll definitely want to capture images of these flying flowers. Heres a primer on what to expect when visiting, including tips for getting butterflies to land on you, and photographing your favorites. Things to Know Before You Visit a Butterfly House Butterfly houses are hot, humid environments. In most cases, the exhibit is meant to mimic butterflies native tropical habitat. If you have health issues that may be exacerbated by high temperatures or humidity, you may want to keep your visit short. A well-designed butterfly house usually has a double set of doors with a vestibule in between at both the entrance and exit. This is to help prevent butterflies from escaping  and to help keep the temperature inside the exhibit constant. Butterfly houses usually have misters placed throughout the exhibit to help maintain the humidity. Depending on where they are located, you might be sprayed with a gentle mist of water as you walk through the exhibit. Butterflies sometimes rest on the ground, including on the pathways where you will be walking. Pay attention to where you are stepping to avoid crushing a resting butterfly. Be sure to look up, too! Resting moths can fly way up high on the exhibit walls, or even on light fixtures. Butterflies behave differently depending on the species, the time of day, and environmental variables like temperature and humidity. Some species on exhibit may seem to do nothing but rest. These are often crepuscular butterflies, meaning theyre active at dawn and dusk. Most will be most active during the warmest, sunniest part of the day, which is usually the afternoon. Because butterflies are short-lived, some of the butterflies you observe may be nearing the end of their lives. You might see some butterflies that look tattered, with missing wing scales or even torn wings. This doesnt mean something is wrong with their care. Newly emerged butterflies, by contrast, will have bright, bold colors, and clean wing edges. Usually, the staff will release newly emerged butterflies and moths into the exhibit at a specific time each day, often in the afternoon. If you want to see this, you might want to call ahead to ask when they do the daily release, so you can plan your visit accordingly. Butterfly House Donts You will usually find a set of rules posted where you enter the butterfly house. These may include: Dont bring food or drinks into the exhibit.Dont wander off the pathways in the exhibit.Dont touch the plants or pick flowers.Dont pick up or handle the butterflies, unless a staff member invites you to do so.Dont remove butterflies from the exhibit area, even if they are dead. Butterfly House Dos Do take your time. Butterfly spotting takes patience!Do ask questions. Most butterfly houses have knowledgeable staff or volunteers posted in the exhibit area, able and willing to teach you about the species you are seeing.Do look for feeding stations and puddling areas, where you can get a closer view of the butterflies.Do visit the emerging area, where you can watch new butterflies and moths break out of their pupal cases. You might have to wait for a while to see one emerge, but it is well worth it.Do consider bringing a small pair of binoculars with you, to get a better view of butterflies perched high in the exhibit.Do take lots of pictures! Where else will you have that many butterflies within reach of your camera lens?Do check for hitchhikers before you exit the butterfly house. Ask a friend to make sure no butterflies have perched on your back. Behaviors You Can Observe in the Butterfly House To the novice butterfly observer, it might look like the butterflies are only doing one of two things: flying or resting. But theres more to butterfly behavior than that. Some male butterflies will patrol a territory, looking for a mate. Youll see him flying back and forth, back and forth in one area of the exhibit. Other butterflies are more passive in defending their territory, preferring instead to perch. These butterflies sit quietly in one spot, usually high on a tree or other foliage, watching for females to flutter into their area. If a male competitor enters his territory, he may chase him away. Because butterflies are ectothermic, they will bask in the sun to warm their bodies and their flight muscles. Butterflies also engage in puddling, which is how they get the minerals they need. You may see butterflies mating, and you will definitely observe butterflies feeding on nectar. See how many different behaviors you can observe! Tips for Getting a Butterfly to Land on You If youre lucky, a butterfly might land on you while you are in the exhibit. Theres no guarantee this will work but, you can do a few things to increase your chances. The best rule of thumb is to act as a flower: Wear brightly colored clothes. I have a bright yellow and orange tie-dyed shirt that always seems to lure butterflies to me.Smell sweet. If youre wearing a skin lotion or perfume that smells a bit like flowers, that attract a hungry butterfly.Stay still. Flowers dont move, so you wont fool a butterfly if youre walking around. Find a bench and stay put for a while. Tips for Taking Photos in a Butterfly House Butterfly houses afford photographers a unique opportunity to capture images of butterflies from all over the world, without the expense of traveling or the frustration of looking for them in the wild. Keep in mind that some butterfly houses do not allow photographers to bring tripods in, so call and ask before you visit. Here are a few tips for getting the good photographs on your next visit to a butterfly exhibit. Plan your visit for early in the day. Butterflies will be most active from late morning until late afternoon. You have a better chance of photographing butterflies at rest if you visit the butterfly house as soon as it opens in the morning.Give your camera time to adjust to the tropical environment. One thing that drives me nuts when I visit a butterfly house is my camera lens fogging up. If you move from a cooler, drier environment into the hot, humid climate of the butterfly exhibit, your camera is going to need a bit of time to acclimate before your lens will stay clear.Photograph butterflies from the front, not the back. You will be tempted to photograph the easy targets, like the butterflies resting on foliage with their beautiful wings visible to you. Look for butterflies on feeding stations or flowers, where you might be able to get a good close-up of it uncoiling its proboscis to drink, or tasting a piece of fruit with its feet. Rules for Displaying Live Butterflies Organizations that operate  live butterfly exhibits in the U.S.  must follow very strict USDA regulations. In most cases, their permit does not allow them to breed the species on exhibit. Plants within the butterfly exhibit provide nectar only; no larval host plants will be provided. Instead, they must purchase butterflies as pupae, which are housed in a separate area until the adults emerge. Most butterfly houses receive new shipments of pupae on a weekly basis since adult butterflies are short-lived. Once they are ready to fly, the adults are released into the exhibit. All butterflies must be kept within the confines of the butterfly house, and careful measures must be taken to prevent escapes.

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Visual Arts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Visual Arts - Research Paper Example Online dating sites include Match.com and E-Harmony while the most popular video sharing site is YouTube. Rather than focus on how to use these forms of social media, I will base my paper on how they are transforming how we watch television. I will also highlight on the impact they will have on network news, commercial television and cable TV in the coming, say ten years. The rise in the popularity of social media can be viewed as a revolution. Why would anyone come to this conclusion? Just to look at a few statistics about social media: According to a research by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 73% of teenagers, 72% of young adults, and 40% of all adults above 30 years use social networking sites. As if that is not enough, if the number of Facebook users were the population of a country, it would be the third most populated country, just under China and India. Moreover, social media has overtaken pornography as the number one activity on the web. Before I jump into the e xact questions I want to address, I find it is rather essential to show the relevance of social media on TV. First, we all agree that it is changing the way we watch TV. For instance, in the Spring of 2007, the number of people who tuned in TV dropped by 2.5 million. (Nielsen report)This was in comparison to the previous year, 2006. In 2010, it was found that consumers in the U.S spent as much time on the internet as on TV. (Forrester). Since people are spending more time on the internet, people's interactions on the internet are also increasing. Companies have noted this and are shifting to the internet. No one can forget last summer’s Old Spice videos. In the videos, Isaiah Mustafa spent two days, dressed only in a towel and gives responses to fans in a setting that was made to appear as a bathroom. Within the first 24 hours after they were uploaded, they had a massive 83 million YouTube views. This was way above the views of Obama’s victory speech. This can be attri buted to the fact that there were instant responses to the users in real time. As such, they appeared to be conversational. This is one way in which social media is changing the way we view TV. Besides this, the following are the trends that we are likely to see in TV due to popularity of social media. First, all TV channels will be done away with. TV users will have a chance to watch what they want, and when they want. There will be several customs made content on the internet which one can demand when they want. This will be enhanced by the availability of unlimited content, which will be available form online libraries. One will only be required to search for the content using powerful search engines to access the content. Traditional channels, which focus on their brands and limited sharing, will be entirely done away with. Already there are technological advances in TV devices connected to the internet such as Apple TV, Roku and Xbox. These devices will be adopted by many peopl e who will also demand that the entire TV experience is integrated as a simplified, single interface. The next trend in TV viewing will be to do away with the remote control. TV as we know it from the past required installation of interactive TV enhancements. In recent years, this has changed with companies such as Google launching the remote-keyboard interface. This has not achieved much success. Interface innovation companies are working on TV controls that do not require remote controls. Comcast and Verizon,